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Let's help our Kababayans!

Together, we proved that it’s possible to overcome hardships and see the end of this catastrophe, as long we have each other.

This is a story of hope

After one of the most powerful storms, Typhoon Odette, ravaged the country, more than 300,000 Filipinos were forced to sit in the dark. Communication lines were knocked out and concrete power poles were toppled down.

Without any connection, people were struck with the anxiety of being unable to reach out to their families. Many were missing while some were desperately looking for food and water.

At Ciderbears, we’re committed to creating a brighter and connected future through our charity programs. Our mission is to spark hope in the hearts of many and help in reigniting the sense of Bayanihan.

We provided communities with power banks and charging stations so that our fellow Filipinos could connect with their families and loved ones. At the same time, they were also able to ask help from people outside the affected areas.

No one should be left in the dark. Together, we have the power to provide immediate help and hope for those who are in need. 

For every purchase of Ciderbears, you help us to light up these affected communities or you can directly donate by clicking the button below.
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